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Re: Whos Blood Was on Pein's Sword?

Originally Posted by Kyusendori79 View Post
i just realized something serious: Naruto went six tails with chakra recievers in him and their not destroyed dude did Pein.....?
no pain didn't do it, are you serious thats just stupid

Originally Posted by prez420 View Post
I am trying to find the hole in the situation cuz i really don't want to see hinata die. Truth be told im kinda shocked u would make that statement u was pretty much in tears yesterday when u saw what happened to her i would think u would be trying just as hard me to find away out for her. Well atleast we can hope she has been training with neji and learned his trick of deflecting strikes away from vital organs using just chakra.

Btw I love ure naruto hinata sig it has really awesome shading did u do that yourself ?
its hinata's blood no doubt, pain just pulls those chakra blades out of nowhere so its hinata's
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