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Re: Is Minato son of Tsunade? Where is Naruto's Grandparents?

Originally Posted by bliz View Post
Its Madara saying so: Hokage position has always been conrolled by Senju clan members. He Sarutobi knew the first and trained by the second personally as a genin and at that time Senju clan was still dominant.
This, in no way, suggests that Sarutobi is directly related to the Senju clan.
You miss my point- if you use this reasoning to describe Sarutobi's connection, then you allow for Minato's connection to be removed also, although now- you are confident that Sarutobi is a Senju. However, he'd have to be a cousin/nephew or some indirectly connection, otherwise, his last name would be Senju. Too bad no real evidence supports any of this.

In response to your complaint that Madara needs reason to wish to destroy Konoha, but in fact, he truly doesn't, and that makes him MORE evil. Like I said, he's just a jealous old fart who seeks nothing but revenge.

And I believe that Tsunade is the only Senju left alive, unless plot reveals a husband, child, or otherwise unnecessary twist.
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