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Post Re: Is Minato son of Tsunade? Where is Naruto's Grandparents?

Originally Posted by queenofaliens85 View Post
Umm, actually when it comes to age thing. Tsunade is 50 (51) when the series starts, when Naruto was 12. so 50-12= 38 Minato was in his late 20s early 30s when he died. 38-28=10 I'm sorry if you don't know anything of a female's biology but women can't have babies when they haven' even start menstruating. Also like have said before I don't think the creator of Naruto would have people have kids when they are still teenagers.

When it comes to the grandparents, I think Minato was an orphan (or at least that's the jist of how I see, either that or I have been reading too many fanfics lately.) On Kushina's side who knows about the family on that side.
Its more like this:

Tsunade=50 (51)

So yes its 38 years old when Naruto is born. But how old is Minato, or do we actually have a age for him. By looks he is 20/21 years old since he is young. Very young when he died.

Therefore its more like,

38-20 or 38-21 which if i am not mistaken means Tsunade was: 17/18 years old. So what the big deal since if you look at her image and all with Dan then would you still disagree.
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