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Originally Posted by starmatick View Post
you obviously could not comprehend wot was wrote as i had already established that i was going to stay until further notice, until i POSTED BACK, you're the idiot asking unnecessary questions that had already been answered you could not read the situation or words properly.
You said "I'll post if I want to be banned." Kat said "If I'm not on then someone else will have to ban." So I responded by saying that I would be more than happy to ban you. It's really not a hard situation to grasp. I'm not sure what you're not understanding.

Fact is, you admitted that you just didn't the tone of my post. So you decided to act like a toddler and have a hissy fit about it. You're not fooling anyone who isn't a dumbass in the first place. You're covering the forum in your sniveling crybaby tears. Plug your vag with a couple of tampons and man the fuck up.