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Re: Chris brown assualts Rihanna

Originally Posted by Zatch Bell_lover View Post
man aint nobodii hit nobodii wit no umbrella but i dont c y he would take her baq after she cheated on him wit Kanye

BTW: he got herpes frum her
she got it frum Justin Timberlake
n he got it frum sum dirty girl i 4get her name but she famous 2

o an dat first video her n justin made b4 Rehab: i new dat dey had hooked up but dis time he found out

an n da police report it say she look lik she got beat-up by a pro fighter [[he iz]] it also sayd dat it looked lik she had horns grownin frum her head [[n da REAL piic she did]] n her nose was messed up n her lip was busted

an on da cover of Star magazine it sayd dat she was pregnate [[but iz probably a front 2 get him baq]] an dat dey got illeagaly married [[tru]]

im no fan but she cheeted on him for kanye fucked seriously
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