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Re: Naruto 441 predictions/spoiler discussions

Originally Posted by Mystik View Post
I have a feeling if nagato does get killed it will be by madara... naruto is a awesome person. He has a good heart and he cares so much and i think he could possible change his mind however i still agree nagato will end up dying but probably by madara or just the fact of loosing so much energy. I only see Naruto killing him in self defense.

Till he met Naruto and if naruto actually does more talking.. he has that effect on people >.<
He is the destined child after all. Pain will bring either destruction or peace, and it will be up to Naruto to convince him, as he's the only one that could understand him truly. I really believe Naruto will incapacitate Tendou just to talk with Nagato using Tendou as middleman. I don't honestly see Konan/Nagato dying. I'm with you on that one, I think Naruto will try and convince him. I can only see two ends. Pain won't give in and agree, but Naruto will give him the chance to run away as he finally understands how to break the chain of hatred(like it was worded over and over). Nagato will escape, and later on with a fight concerning Naruto/Madara or a situation where Naruto's life may be threatened, Pain will understand what he truly meant and try to attack Madara, and get absolutly pwned by the latter.


Tendou refuses to listen. Naruto has to kill him, but regrets doing so.


Oh and as a sidenote, if Naruto doesn't kill Tendou/Nagato, I highly doubt Hinata's dead. That would just be... wrong. You get what I mean.
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