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Re: Naruto 441 predictions/spoiler discussions

Originally Posted by Mystik View Post
Yeah its going to be a while before konoha gets on their feet.. bad thing now though is they left wide open for other attacks.
Meh. They've been saying this since the start of the serie, yet no village ever invaded another, even in weaker moments(Oro's attack aside). I think Naruto will be up for major character development now that he knows his origins, and that someone loved him and lived/died. I think the way he will break the chain of hatred is by... forgiving. Actually it's the only way you can break a chain of hatred no matter what way you think of it.

Naruto will effectively be wearing bigger shoes in the next month to come. He knows he's the Fourth's son, and will act as he should, helping and protecting his village. Hopefully Hinata hangs in there. Then it will be time to unwrap the plot coming revolving around Sasuke/Team "Insert animal here", the Kage summit, the recent mission on Kabuto/Orochimaru, Madara, and it just keeps going on.

Also, I'm surprised Minato didn't mention anything to Naruto about "that" jutsu. Who else could possibly know? And I doubt we'll be seeing him again.

P.S: I'll laugh if Naruto tosses that huge ball of rock over to Tendou. That'd be funny as heck. PLAY BALL!
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