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Re: Naruto 441 predictions/spoiler discussions

Originally Posted by Zharoth View Post
Well I'd think she'd love Nagato, because she wouldn't have approved to see Yahiko become a mere corpse under her eyes... Unless there's some story to it that led Yahiko to his death.

I was thinking back about some things and wanted to share them:

Naruto will most likely fight Tendou while trying to convince Nagato. Nagato is so into himself and his own pain that he will oversee what Naruto is trying to tell him and keep attacking. Naruto will either disable/destroy Tendou, and before the connection is lost with the body, Naruto will tell him that he doesn't wish to kill him despite all he's done, and that he will forgive him if he stops hurting people. He will tell him something along the lines of.. The only thing that will break this chain of hatred, is nothing but a chain of forgiveness. Nagato will not agree on the spot, and run away with Konan.

Konan sounds like she is a good person at heart, and only follows in Akatsuki because of Nagato... So he will bring this subject up with her, and she'll somewhat push in the same direction. Nagato won't budge. Now say... Naruto ends up breaking into Akatsuki's hideout. He finds Sasuke, Pain, and Madara. The latter will order Sasuke to kill him(of course, you've seen it coming). Naruto won't fight back, trying to convince Sasuke to stop. Really when you look at it, that's how the manga look like it's heading. Sasuke is... what we could represent as a Chain of Hatred. He always hates. Always. He's an avenger, to use his own terms. He's always avenging someone in the manga, or training to get there. Naruto has always been about getting people on his side, changing people's ways of life. I think when Nagato will see the two clash, he will most likely understand what Naruto truly meant, and suddenly attempt to help in some way, and get killed in the process.

Nagato would have flashbacks of Jiraiya talking to him about peace... Then one of Naruto telling him their master, Jiraiya wanted peace, and that it wasn't what he meant, by destroying everything. Then he'll see Naruto try his hardest to convince Sasuke to stop and come back... and that's when it will hit him. All that he's ever done, and a good part of it from being manipulated by Madara and will want to try and help "true" peace... And will end up dying for it.

I was also trying to figure out... Why was Naruto even Sage mode after reverting back from Kyuubi-mode? The only thought I came up with was... Since he's standing on Chibaku Tensei, he's essentially in a orb of natural energy gathered and concentrated all around him(considering how the jutsu seems to work at least).

Anyway. That's it for now. Time to put a pause on the theories and see what happens next.
Yeah she is only in akatsuki cause of nagato. She does seem good at heart and i think if nagato dies and if she dont die to then she will go away and disappear. Although most guys are probably hoping she gets the curse of the cloak coming off lol.

Originally Posted by Dagoro1988 View Post
Danzou has a large number of Root nin under his command ready to go. Everyone else in konoha is pretty much spent. Besides, the possibility of Danzou using violence to take the hokage seat is slim to none. He just needs to discredit Tsunade in the eye's of the surviving citizens.
Well that wont be hard to do lol. He is a weasel so i dont see him having any problems at all.
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