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Re: Naruto 441 predictions/spoiler discussions

Originally Posted by Mystik View Post
Yeah she is only in akatsuki cause of nagato. She does seem good at heart and i think if nagato dies and if she dont die to then she will go away and disappear. Although most guys are probably hoping she gets the curse of the cloak coming off lol.

Well that wont be hard to do lol. He is a weasel so i dont see him having any problems at all.
It's odd, but I see Konan eventually become an ally against Akatsuki. She will object to what is preparing and argue with Nagato about it or something like that. I don't see Konan just disappearing, I think she'll play a part in this... Maybe bringing the human side back out from deep within Nagato.

As for Danzou, I think he could most likely take the opportunity to take over passively, without violence, and reconstruct the village to suit his own needs. (More military-like). Then again... I don't think Tsunade is on the verge of death either, yet she almost died protecting all the villagers. They just need to say that if she wasn't there to heal everyone during the blasts, they would have had a LOT more casualties. I really just hope Sai will go against Danzou so I can like him for once. Aside from the times he was being horribly blunt at Sakura, I never really enjoyed him, lol.
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