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Re: Naruto 441 predictions/spoiler discussions

Originally Posted by Nameer View Post
I hope the next chapter will show Hinata's condition (I'm dying about this)
Aren't we all?

Originally Posted by Mystik View Post
Just because he dont kill him doesnt mean he forgives him. He can still spare him and not like what he has done. I dont think he will kill him unless forced to and thats cause Minato kinda hinted to me that maybe killing him isnt the best way to settle it since he is a pwn by Madara and is being used by his own personal tragedy that he faced in life. Same as Naruto he had the same tragedy that nagato had and even naruto almost gave into the kyuubi and would of been the kyuubi's pwn and the kyuubi like Madara is playing on their personal tragedy since both naruto and nagato are so similiar.
I think Naruto will kill Pain, but only because Pain won't stop. He'll try reasonning with Pain first.

Originally Posted by Mystik View Post
I think naruto will do fine. Meeting Minato was what he needed. He needed something for himself. He tries to do so much for others. Wanting to protect everyone. Wanting to save everyone so yeah Naruto needed this. He still has more to come cause he is yet to know about Kushina.
Yeah. Tsunade is going to have a lot of expaining to do.

Originally Posted by Mystik View Post
He may not even meet her like he did minato unless she is alive but naruto hit a woman.. not hardly unless maybe he is trying to stop her from killing him then thats different.
Now I can imagine this exchange occurring:

Konan: "You wouldn't hit a lady, would you?"
[Naruto punches her]
Naruto: "I'll be sure to remember, if I ever fight a lady."

Originally Posted by Vengeance View Post
Konan is going to kill Nagato for being weak & steal his eyes.
Where did that come from? This is the Akatsuki, not the Order of the Sith.
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