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Re: Naruto 441 predictions/spoiler discussions

Originally Posted by Myth View Post
also minato enver said "he saw through my moves" he said"he saw through everything i did" but didn't say when or where or how... Im guessing he really did mean that perhaps he had plans to take down akatsuki and madara figured all of this out and attacked while he had a chance..

One thing is for sure if mianto says s powerful ninja it def means someone worth looking out for...
Maybe Minato was going to destroy Akatsuki and Madara dealt with this by sending the Kyuubi at Konoha. He might have predicted that Minato would have to sacrifice his life in order to save Konoha, and thus at the same time as setting up the fall of the Uchiha clan, he prevented Minato from taking action against his plans.

I mean, I think Madara is going to be insanely powerful but I suspect that Minato could have destroyed his plans if he was given the opportunity to attack Akatsuki's members. Apart from Pain and Madara I don't think any of the current Akatsuki members we have seen so far could combat the Flying Thunder God technique, especially if combined with any other techniques Minato could have known that we don't know about yet.
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