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Re: Naruto 441 predictions/spoiler discussions

Originally Posted by liondemon View Post
Akatsuki was formed after that. I know Madara didnt fight the 4th, but the 4th would use other jutsu on Kyuubi, or to defend attacks, or to quickly move others to safety since the Kyuubi was destroying the village and many died because of that. Everything the 4th physically did, which would mean that Kyuubi was a step ahead of Minato. Madara had to get close enough to see the fourth to see his moves, unlike Negato. That is why Madara had to wear a mask so that nobody would recognize him.

Making the 4th seal Kyuubi may have been his plan all along, just to have a reason to get Pain under his wing, to capture all the Buuji for him and seal them in one safe place where he can take them out to play with them when he wants, and has somewhere to put them back when he's done. Kyuubi was likely the last Buuji to be sealed. He couldnt just keep his tied down like the 1st Hokage. Where would Kyuubi go when Madara ran out of chakra and had to rest?
But that just it minato didn't say anything about his movements being seen he said "He saw through everything i did". He didn't say what madara saw through but im guessing it was his plans on akatsuki by getting rid of them. Minato prob spotted him when he got face to face with the kyuubi and maybe saw a glimpse of him... The fact that mianto even knew about akatsuki prob sustains his words more into that "madara saw through his plans on taking them down" and acted on the chance he got.. Minato was very smart as jiraiya described him that no other ninja like him has ever been born.

But what madara had on minato was age and lots of it all these things will be revealed soon.

hahaha kyuubi is still crying about what mianto did to him.
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