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Re: Naruto 441 predictions/spoiler discussions

Originally Posted by TheSixthHokage View Post
Well, more like Adolf Hitler was a Vienna art school drop-out filled with hatred of the world because his little dream was shattered, not too unlike Nagato who is now a mass murderer with a God complex, potato potato. Well, one man (an Austrian) controlled Germany with an iron fist, Germany as a country did not decide to do it, the National Socialists did and even if they did that's one generation of Germans (and arguably most people haven't forgiven the Germans yet, or so the looks I get for speaking German tell me).

Secondly, so then why did the rest of Akatsuki deserve death? Were they not just as "innocent," by your warped definition? Courts of law are not about sob stories, they are about facts - Pain killed dozens of people with ease, ruined Konoha, killed his own master and at least crippled Kakashi and Hinata, all innocent people. Maybe I am just libertarian, but Pain's sad existence does not give him a free pass on mass murder, his life is not more important than anyone else's...

I agree, I don't believe he deserves a free pass. However, I still don't see him being killed at the hands of Naruto. Which reminds me, Gaara who at first glance of the series had only an intent to kill, and kill simply for the sake of killing changed after the battle with Naruto. I agree with everyone who thinks this is unrealistic, but I see this series turning a corner here and making the statement that even a horrid person such as Nagato can change their life and acknowledge their mistakes.
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