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Proof that Bots Are more Intelligent that Moderators.

Go ahead and move this thread, It can be debated farily well. It will just prove my point. There is much Factual evidence that Bots are More intellgient, a AI, hah lol, within the threads. So I dont want to hear I moved it because wah wah wah.

Moderators, are so graceful to their freinds and people they dont like, they get away with so much. But For someone they dont like your done, it doesnt matter Prepare to get crazy amounts of infractions for posting common sense, or something that Was misunderstood by a unintelligetn poster, reported and then acted upon. A moderatopr does not have the intellect to be well your a dumbass. Moderator says Sorry I got to do my job, infraction time. Hmm sounds like a crock of shit right?

Well I dont report people at all since it doesnt really bother me, what people say. I noticed Ive been being reported for the most retarded things. I get infractions for these reports Ive gotten which make no sense as to why I recieved them, but I havent seen a single infraction for people I reported. Favorism? I think so.

Moderators are supposed to Keep info Private if im not mistaken? Miburo Posts that Im reporting everyone and insults me. not a personal insult or anything since I could care less, but If that was me posting that and I was reported I would be seeing a message in 5 or 10 min saying infraction time XD. But a Bot would not be sharing private information, unless it was like hacked etc. But someone wasting their time to hack a bot on a forum, its Ridiculous.

Moderators get away with far to much, as to where a bot would be programed, and have the AI of a Actual Real Intelligent Human being.

Anyway I need to get back to some work, be back soon.

But Please Let the DEBATES begin!

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