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Re: Proof that Bots Are more Intelligent that Moderators.

Originally Posted by popion View Post
dude life aint fair.
the concept of open comunity is BS, not only here, everywhere.
ya know we are newbies around here, and that means that the comunity doesnt accept us easily.
the mankind is competitive by nature, and rejecting whatever might pose a threat of any kind is part of that nature.
deal with it. you would to the same if the places where to be the otherway around.
Not really, Im a very acceptng person. I chill and talk to all types of people. When friends tell me why are you hanging with that idiot or w.e, then they say stop chillin with him or we wont chill with you. I'll still chill with everyone, just becuase you dont like someone doesnt mean I need to feel the same way.

It is quite different if You have a friend youve known for years telling you this. Since they know you well, but otherwise no.
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