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Re: Proof that Bots Are more Intelligent that Moderators.

Originally Posted by Nakaichiro View Post
More intelligent, no.
More reliable, yes.

Human's can never be reliably objective and fair.

SO you have a few choices in life,
Learn to get along with those in power,
Overthrow them,
Move if possible,
Or last resort which is what most of us have to do............. Just Fucking Deal and get on with life, its not going to change..... EVER!
Things can change with a good leader, and a movement act. othwerwise Slavery etc would have never changed that was ajust a example.

With enough people, etc Moderators could be impeached and replaced. etc. until Someone could develope a AI. Only when a AI is active will things be fair to everyone. It would end all the infractions the insults etc. No one would be bein a duesh to anyone unless they wanted to be banned. AI does not play games. It is strict and to the point.
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