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Another scary story…a hospital story…again… ^_^;

Every shift, endorsement will be made. One student nurse (girl) was about to end her 3pm-11pm shift, he was about to be left by her classmates & clinical instructor (or CI for short). It took her very long to return to the nurses station to endorse her patient to the next shift student nurses.

When she finally arrived in the station, her CI was all furious & said “WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG?! The endorsement has already begun!” the nurse replied “I was busy getting the last vital signs of the patient in room 404” (it was a private ward, so one patient, one room)…her CI was like “??? What? There’s NO PATINET in ROOM 404!!! It’s VACANT!!!” the nurse was like…O_O “then WHOSE vital signs did I take???”

When they checked the room…INDEED NO ONE WAS INSIDE!!! The patient was not there & the room was...empty… >.< darn!! I hope that doesn’t happen to me!!! Spooky..

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