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Re: Naruto 441 predictions/spoiler discussions

Originally Posted by lamps123 View Post
nope nope,so u think he is joking about destroying konoha i dont think soo,this ones diff frm dat orochimarus one,this is revenge for itachi but taken too far by wanting to destroy d village.
the only thing i dont like abbt sasuke are his motives but u cant actually blame him apart frm dat he is kool nd strong
LMAO..No "Saucegay" is not cool xD....
He acted like he was cool, but the only thing that made him cool was the words of the people that liked him...and i dont mean Naruto, i meant like Ino and Sakura..
Naruto can Own "Saucegay" anytime, easily...
Hes like 5 times stronger than Sasuke currently...
I hate "Saucegay" so very much ^^
Its because of him , that Sakura didnt like Naruto...But whatever, i Just hope that at the end Sasuke dies by Naruto's hand, ( CUZ I HATE "SAUCEGAY"!!! )
Naruto AND Bleach all the way!!

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