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Originally Posted by Vanity View Post
Show me where it says masturbation is any more Holy than sex with someone all means I'm curious cuz fuck... I missed that part where I'm supposed to feel more dignified and redeemed by fapping.

OMFGPERSONALINFOALERT: I suppose you could consider me a SEX MANIAC.... But I don't pounce on everything that has a cock [only with one person really, I just happen to ENJOY it...], and where it is MY sin and my fault, I don't think you have any right to generalize so grossly :|

In a nutshell~ You're being a wang. Shut up.
who said masturbation?did I said that? I said self pleasure when you say self pleasure,it is Something or someone that provides a source of happiness by ourselves,we will watch action movies,drama(excluding porn movie hehe),playing video games,psp,ps2,ps3 etc,singing just to divert our attention from temptation,know what I mean?
but we humans are not perfect,there are times that our mind is filled with lust,so in that case I will just pray for my sin. o yeahhh

Did I mention that to those sex maniac non believers ladies they must pounce on everything that has a cock? o dear tsk!tsk! read my post very well, I said that to those sex maniac ladies(non believers only),they must used dildo! to prevent from aids & to stay safe also do you believe in GOD if yes,then I'll advice you stop premarital sex k?,

levro007 perfection of character!be faithful!endeavor!respect others!& refrain from violent behavior!

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