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to prevent from aids & to stay safe also do you believe in GOD if yes,then I'll advice you stop premarital sex k?,
Why must you discriminate? Non-believers are just as capable of refraining from premarital sex as believers are, its just that believers have a stronger reason to do it. Sounds to me like you think that only believers deserve your amazing advice, and only believers deserve to not contract aids?
Edit: And why point fingers at the ladies as well? Its just as much the guy's responsibility to abstain/be responsible as it is the ladies.

Anyway this has nothing to do with believers and non-believers, it has to do with the pope being an irresponsible twat.

And why on earth must humans not enjoy each others bodies and pleasures responsibly? The idea is to teach responsibility before abstinence because it is easier to be responsible while doing what you want, than to abstain from doing it all together. Human's are lazy creatures, we will always choose the easiest way out of something. So the best thing to do is to teach the easy solution to a population of 5+ billion, dont you think? Condoms are the easy-safe-cost effective solution, so that is the one that you push as hard as you can while trying to teach abstinence.


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