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Re: DO YOU Think NARUTO wil DIE??!!

Originally Posted by Bloodkid View Post
IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU GET! The Rock says years from now when you're at home drinking that monkey piss that you bought from the clown market and The Rock's at home eating him some pie. You and Grandpa jimmy jack popion are gonna look back and reminisce.....

*Fans chant Rocky Rocky*

.....You're gonna reminisce how you used to watch Naruto dreaming wishing that maybe, JUST MAYBE Naruto will turn up on your door, do a Shadow clone. Then whip out his rasengan shine it up real nice turn it sideways and stick it STRAIGHT UP YOUR CANDY ASS!!!
ooook, that was a bit ... odd

anyway, i dont think that, years from now, naruto will be a memory that powerfull to drive me to imagine things like that.
yeah i have spent quite some time in the company of this manga, but that doent mean that the image that i got about it will last 4ever.
probably just another memory of a place in witch i, from time to time, used to escape from reality.
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