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Re: Naruto 442 Spoilers

Naruto 442 predictions/spoiler discussions
if you post in this thread, post only spoilers, anything else and get infracted

Another version of the confirmed spoiler.

Source: NF
Credits: Yasha
Verification: Confirmed

Colour page. Everyone stands in a circle, with Sakura healing Hinata in the center. (Hinata's boobs are emphasized. This alone can make people feel like eating 3 cupful of rice)
People are wondering how this happened.
Sakura thinks to herself: She did it because of Naruto.

Gai says they're going to help Naruto. He seems to be in high spirit.
But Katsuyu tells him not to, because he would only get in the way. Naruto has his own plan and they should let him handle it alone.
Team Gai gets treated like air.

Scene changes to Naruto.
Double FRS. In order to prevent Tendou from dodging it, Naruto tries to grab his legs with 2 KB. But Tendou produces black rods from both his hands, and dodges the FRS attack.
(Sage mode ends)
100 Naruto who previously disguised as huge amounts of debris charge toward Tendou altogether.
However, they fail to beat the time interval and get blown away, except for 3, who then makes a Rasengan.
Tendou: (That one can't be thrown. It is nothing at this range.)
"Brat who couldn't answer my question, give it up!" so he lectures Naruto.
Naruto: What I'm going to give up... is my real body!
Then he lets 2 KB throw his real body towards Tendou and the chapter ends with him hitting Tendou with a Rasengan.

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