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Naruto vs Pain aftermatch predictions and Ideas

Here I will post some afermatch predictions and ideas.
I will start with the two I already have posted before and more will follow tomorrow:

The next generation preview:

"Sakura finds Tsunade at Kakashi. "

Sakura: - Tsunade! What are you doing?

"Tsunade looks tired but concentrating on the Jutsu"

Tsunade: - I'm leaving everything to you Sakura. Kakashi will guide the new generation, but you must help them to. I trust you...
Sakura: - What are you talking about?

"Tsunade smiles kindly towards Sakura"

Tsunade: - You know what I speak about Sakura. I will use my last powers to help Kakashi.. He is needed to help Konoha...

"Sakura looks shocked, starts crying"

Sakura: - No! no....We need you!..I need you.....

"Sakura falls to her knees.."

Tsunade: - Thank you Sakura...but your ready.....I'm proud of you...Your beautiful and strong. "Tsunade smiles again"

"Sakura is openly crying"

Sakura: -'s not to late..Tsunade....

Tsunade: - It was already to late...I used to much of myself to protect everyone when Pain destroyed the village....thankfully most people survived because of that....
The only thing I can do now is make sure you have someone to help you.....Kakashi, I can help him before I go.

"Tsunade hesitates, and looks older and in pain but she smiles a little"

Tsunade: - Besides......I miss him...

"Tsunade cries"
"Sakura looks up towards Tsunade, tears streaming from her eyes. Sakura walks to Tsunade and embraces her"

Sakura: - Thank you Tsunade....thank you for everything, you were a great Hookage..and a great Master.....a great friend, so much like a mother to me...

"Tsunade looks shocked, then glad"

Tsunade: -Thank you Sakura....
Sakura: - You are right, we can handle everything....Because of you we are strong enough....don't worry...thank you....

"Sakura smiles as she cryes in Tsunades shoulders"

Sakura: - Go to him.....he is waiting for you.....Jirayia is waiting...

Tsunade: - Sakura....Jirayia.....

"Tsunade finishes the Justsu and Kakashi stirs, back from the brink of death."

"Tsunade smiles and closes her eyes, her head falls to Sakuras shoulder"

"An image of Jiraya, about 20 years old."

Jiraya: - Hey beautiful.. I waited for you

"Tsunade embrace Jirayia and they laugh"

Tsunade: Silly.....

"They walk of together.

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Thank you for reading.

/Shiver X

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