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Re: Naruto 445 Prediction/Spoiler Discussion

first off all we gonna see some history of yahiko,nagato and konan
naruto will probably tell something and give him his anwser
the anwser is wath he 's father told him the fourth
nagato will exept the answer ,but is gonna be killed later by madara
konan will be killed or will join naruto but she will be killed eventually
sakura will never be hokage and tsunade is still gonnna be hokage
danzou's crew will ecounter team hawk and they will finish them off
konoha will be rebuilt. the narutpo will hear about the 8 tails and
go look for mean while saske will see konaha all destroyed
and decides to spear them. then madara is gonna inform sasuke that he failed
capturing the 8 tails. afcourse sasuke is not gonna exept this and
will go after the 8 tails again .we will see a clash between team hawk and naruto's team
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