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Re: Naruto 445 Prediction/Spoiler Discussion

Hefty prediction...

Another Specialist Prediction

The origin of Pain

(Nagato continues his speech)

"As my parents lost their lives, a great surge of power awakened in me. In that instant, my troubles were gone," said Nagato. (Naruto's confused) "In other words, he claimed their lives," said Konan. "Konoha shinobi robbed me of my dear parents when I was seven years old. I knew it was an accident, but I couldn't just forgive them. I was so young back then. I use to hate all Konoha shinobi. Until. Until I met him. Jiraiya sensei," said Nagato.

"So, what happened," asked Naruto. "He trained us and taught us how to defend ourselves," said Nagato. "Us," asked Naruto. "Correct Uzumaki. Jiraiya sensei trained both of us," said Konan. "But there was one more. Someone who I must'nt forget," said Nagato.

"His name was Yahiko," said Konan. "He was my best friend. We lived through it all. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be where I am today. He willed our cause and I used my power to make those dreams a reality," said Nagato. (Naruto thinks of Sasuke) "What happened to him," asked Naruto.

"He died years ago, but even through death his hand was always their, leading my power," said Nagato. (Nagato pictures Godd Realm.)

"That's enough Nagato, Uzumaki, surrender yourself," asked Konan. "Stop Konan. I'm not finished yet. You wanted to find out the reason why I became who I am, I'll tell you the second reason," said Nagato. "So it wasn't because of the death of your friend," asked Naruto.

(Nagato smiles)

"Initially we planned to rebuild Amegakure. That was our main goal. Jiraiya believed in us, he said we'd grow up strong enough to accomplish such a feat. For years we've gathered and fought off rebels and warring adversaries. But nothing could have prepared us for the civil war ahead. Hanzou of the Salamander," said Nagato.

"Who is that," asked Naruto. "A reknowed shinobi. A man who was known as the most powerful shinobi alive at the time. He was the man who bestowed the name Sannin to Jiraiya, Orochimaru, and Tsunade in exchange for their lives during the second shinobi war," said Nagato.

"He took on all of them and lived? He must have been amazing," said Naruto. "The three of us had control of one side of the village's government, while Hanzou had control of another. His men were too experienced. And the casualties were high," said Nagato. "We feared we would lose the battle and the village over to him," said Konan.

"In order for our people to have faith in the new system, we would have to put an end to Hanzou and his men. We wanted a place where everyone would understand each other. The Rain was litered with battle scars. To end it, we had to oppose the old regime.

Later a platoon that included Konan here, Yahiko, and three other skilled teammates from the new order. We've also recieved aid from trusted and capable allies from the neighboring lands. A man from the hidden grass and another man from the hidden waterfall. They wanted the best for Amegakure and we've shared several missions with each other previously. They were indebted. We also had a small group of file and rank soliders who aided our cause.

(Flash back of the the vessles to be.)

We planned a Coup, a secret assination of Hanzou. (Shows them sneaking into Hanzou's base and taking down Hanzou's troops. Eventually the new order were overwhelmed by the troops. Which forced them to escaped to the outskirts.)

Like I said earlier. They were too powerful for us. Our group was especially gifted, but we lacked man power. Many of our followers were weak and afraid to oppose Hanzou. Soon enough, he appeared before us. (Hanzou ontop of his Salamander challenges the new order)

We lost the battle and with it many of our allies and my best friend," said Nagato. (Shows Konan holding the injured Nagato. Nagato reaches out to his fallen.) "We couldn't just surrender though. That's when Pain had to become God," said Konan. (Naruto is puzzled)

"Hanzou left the two of us alive. I don't know if it was out of pity, but I used my opportunity to tip the odds in my favor. The next time we met, I would erase his existence from the face of this planet. That's when I created a new kinjutsu. I couldn't bring back the dead, but I was able to rebirth their abilities. Over a period of time I developed a new skill that made me invinceable. The abilities of our allies were formidable, I needed a way to make them my own weapon and permenant at that. I would watch over the village from my lab in the tallest Tower, and use my secret weapon to destroy Hanzou's history and legacy," said Nagato.

"Wait. So the bodies that I've fought were once those of your allies," said Naruto. (Nagato smirks) "That's right. The bodies you've been destroying left and right were once those of my best friend and former allies. (Naruto's startled) We won the battle and began to rebuild Amegakure. But, during the battle I noticed something. As long as there is love, there is hatred. Difference in opinion and interpreation is human instinct. So I began my quest to rid this world of hatred. And through Pain, the hand of judgement will give birth to momentary peace. And once that peace ends the hand of judgement guides the world through Pain once more, into an endless cycle. In the world of shinobi, this is the only way. Having said this. Let me here your answer," said Nagato.

"I guess under the shinobi world, there is no way that people can understand each other and form peace. I've figured that out," said Naruto. "So, after all this you have no answer. Give me the Kyuubi, I'll save you from your failure and form real peace," said Nagato.

"I never said I didn't have an answer. My answer, the task that I was entrusted with. (Flash back of Jiraiya). I'll break the way of the shinobi. If people can't understand each other and form peace through understanding from this system, we'll try another. I'll shatter the way of the shinobi, starting with you," said Naruto. (He's in Sage mode and Naruto's eyes go Kyuubi and his wiskers grow. Nagato and Konan are startled.)

"He gathered natural energy this quickly," said Nagato.

"Nagato," yelled Konan. "You're nothing more than a relic of the past. A dirty mistake that needs to be forgotten. You're life ends now," said Naruto. (Naruto carries two large Oodama Rasengans in his hands. They're infused with the Kyuubi's chakra.)

Next Chapter: After hearing Naruto's answer, Nagato faces death
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