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Re: Naruto vs Pain aftermatch predictions and Ideas

I am not going to commit to a prediction either way about whether or not Kakashi is dead, but people keep saying he has nothing left to teach and that simply isn't true.

For one... he knows a crap ton of jutsus. I doubt he will ever be teaching those to Naruto, but he could. Most imporantly though is the nature of positive and negative chakra. The whole yin and yang thing. When he was helping Naruto develop wind manipulation and captain woody was talking they mentioned it but Naruto wasn't ready to learn it at that point.

With Minato talking about sealing half the Kyuubi chakra in Naruto and the things J-man said leading up to his death I think that Naruto will have to learn about it from somone. We know Jiraiya is dead, as well as Pa Toad. That leaves Kakashi and Yamato as far as established characters go.

Kakashi may be dead leaving the task to Capt. Woody, or maybe even an new character or someone we would never expect, I just hate to see people say 'Kakashi is dead because he has nothing left to tech and served his role.' He may be dead but if so, it is despite what he has left to teach not because he just isn't useful anymore. That would make the death even more tragic.

Oh and I want to say I love your predictions every week. They are one of the main reasons I choose this site is my choice of Naruto forums.

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