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Re: Naruto 445 Prediction/Spoiler Discussion

Originally Posted by naruto_nutty View Post
Wot a brilliantly done prediction u know what i think this has covered 2 chapters right here (becoz 17 pages go by in a flash and this contains so much info)


What the hell does the Rinnegan do, i mean seriously have we seen him perform any of the legendary stuff this thing is meant to do, becoz all of his other jutsu probably came from those ninja bodies he took and i repeat again (apart from the the Chibaku Tensei (apparently a mini moon
Yes A big hand to TSO .. Spectacullar prediction. Keep it up!

The powers that Pain displayed did not belong to the bodyes Of Pain but to Pain himself. When the body that could perform summons was destroyed it was replaced and Pain could still perform the same summons.

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