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Talking Re: Naruto 445 Prediction/Spoiler Discussion

Originally Posted by poolangya View Post
my prediction:
page1: 1st pain of nagato: flashback last part
page2: 2nd pain of nagato: flashback
page3: 2nd pain of nagato: flashback continued
page4: naruto eating ramen while listening to nagato
page5: 2nd pain of nagato: flashback still continuing
page6: Konan making paper origami out of boredom
page7: 2nd pain of nagato: flashback part where yahiko dies
page8: konan crying and using her jutsu for tissue.
page9: back to present, nagato's turn to ask naruto
page10: naruto's take on nagato's story
page11: naruto's memories of jiraiya
page12: nagato's memories of jiraiya
page13: naruto's memories again of what his teachers and father has told him
page14: naruto's answer to the question
page15: nagato's and konan's shocked faces on hearing the answer
page16: nagato's and konan's shocked faces on hearing the answer part 2
page17: konan taking off her cloak.

i predict a boring chapter with no fight and all flashback and talk, except at the end, we get to see konan undress. that would redeem the 16 chapters of talk.

i would also like to see KONAN take her robe off! been trying to look for a fan art about it. i heard that she wears the same kind of clothes as KARIN, except sexier.
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