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Re: Naruto 445 Prediction/Spoiler Discussion

Originally Posted by Rapidd View Post
ya but when that body was destroyed the other bodies couldnt summon so it all goes back to the body has the power and nagato just controls the body

like it says here he is able to resist his chakra meaning he is a controller not the power wielder
Yes I see where you're geting at but what I'm thinking is that the bodies are dead, and that they're controlled by Nagato. It's his chakra his ninjutsu his taijutsu. The bodies are just tools. Plus in the manga Nagato has stated that the first sage with the rinnegan(don't know his name) could use chibaku tensei, and because of that I'm also enclined to think that he could use shinra tensei and bansho tennin to. But that is just what I believe. Mybe we'll find out in the next chapter. If yahiko didn't have shinra tensei as ninjutsu it proves that the body doesn't matter. It's also possible that Nagato can use those powers through another body, that being his only way of using the rinnegan's abilities.

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