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Re: Naruto vs Pain aftermatch predictions and Ideas

Originally Posted by ShiverX View Post
Haha, many reactions to Sakura as Hookage.
Well some explenation:
from Sakura, Naruto and Sasuke she has the best chakra control and she has some great Medical Jutsus that we haven't even seen yet.
She WAS Tsunades pupil and intensely trained by her.
Now, consider this: Sasuke became stronger than Orichimaru, Naruto became stronger than Jirayya, Sakura must be stronger than Tsunade.
The whole theme of this season is that the next generation is stronger then that before it. It would be silly to say Sakura would not be.
Now, we haven't seen this yet, true. But we haven't really focused on her abilities.

Considering she is stronger than Tsunade and has helped her in official business for 3-4 years it means she is already involved in the work. Strength is important but being able to run the village, politically and practically is just as important. The hookage is a strong Ninja, yes. But that is not a Hookages only virtue.

I just don't see Kakashi becoming it right now as he is previous Generation. Naruto could become Hookage but he still has 'kinks' to work out and things to do. As Hookage he couldn't leave the village.
BUt, I also foresee him becoming hookage and going to Hookage summit to try and change the world.

Now Danzo might go for power, but we don't want him to take it so...

Now, that leaves us with......who?
Who is important enough, a person from new generation, capable of running the village(with help) and actually a strong ninja?

This might be Sakura, it might.

And I give you another thought to ponder, if not that, what is her purpose going forward?

Lastly, I actually believe Tsunade migh be fine and not have to leave Hookage seat. This is only a fanfic-prediction that would be possible.

/Shiver Out.
Once again cleverly written! For anyone to seriously think Sakura is just a weak character and not worthy of being a Jounnin or better is just crazy. If Ino, is a chunnin, by GOD then sakura should be so far ahead of her. Naruto is definitly out of the question to become Hokage at this time. It would ruin the entire story at this point. Sakura would be a good choice, but far to early for her too. I think the title of Hokage wont be determined for a bit, but thats when the ROOT/Danzo Arc will finally start.
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