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Re: Naruto 445 Prediction/Spoiler Discussion

people people no no you got it all wrong.... see kishi's idea for this chapter is to make it a cluster fuck of the theroies proven correct. Kakashi will come in last moment when naruto is done talking to nagota and finds out that konan is his mom ( dont ask i didnt make the therories) nagota is his uncle.... and be like naruto watch out for the shadow clone of nagota behind you fool and his mask will fall off and what you see is peter griffans chin. madara will show up and spaz out and he will say he is in tobi's body. kakashi will be all O_O WTF and then out of no where the 4th hokage comes out of narutos seal. WHat up nuckas and naruto will shit bricks. This is how the next chapter will be...... after the whole long talk with no suprises to it or any kinda of trying in making this chpater cool.....
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