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Re: Naruto vs Pain aftermatch predictions and Ideas

As a change of topic from the Sakura back and forth...and I have no idea whether it has been brought up before but figure it won't hurt to do so in this long range prediction thread even if it has...

What happens when Naruto and Sakura find out the truth behind the Uchiha clan. (If they do.)

Here is my wild unlikely prediction going forward.

1. Tsunade is overthrown by Danzo ripping the already physically destroyed Leaf in half.

We all figure this will set up a civil war between Anbu and Root Anbu and the different loyalists. Now what if...

2. Sasuke comes back and confronts Konoha. Naruto beats him and in the after fight mandatory life changing discussion Naruto and Sakura find out what Danzo and the elders did to Itachi. They, along with the former Tsunade loyalists leave the village.

3. Kage summit comes about and Danzo shows up as Konoha's leader when BAM... Naruto walks in. Someone will make a comment about it being for the Kage's and him having no place there and he will drop the bomb on them. He is now the Kage of the reformed whirlpool country. It is made up of refugees and survivors from the various villages, already has strong allies in the Sand and Rain (because Konan is also on their side now) and is there to make a difference #1 Knuckle headed hyperactive never give up ninja style.

Yeah yeah... it is far fetched, but at least you can bash this instead of Sakura now.
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