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Re: Naruto vs Pain aftermatch predictions and Ideas

Naruto vs Pain Aftermatch: Sakuras path
----chapter: The Tsunade legacy conclusion and the broken path.--- Enjoy

"Sakura exits the command tent and as the door closes she stops. All her senses are numb. She feels like she is sleepwalking, her whole body screams for sleeps and her mind is agreeing.
Katsuyu is outside the tnet waiting for Sakura."

Katsuyu: - Sakura? Are you alright?

"Sakura looks tiredly up at Katsuyu. "

Sakura: - I'm tired Katsuyu....and I miss Tsunade....

"Sakura puts her head in her hands and shuts her eyes"

Katsuyu: - ........
Sakura: - I need to rest and take in what the elders just told me. But I just realized, I don't have anywhere to rest anymore.....I guess I'll just go to one of the shelters put up over at the hospital tents.
Katsuyu: - So they told you about the other part of Tsunades Legacy?

"Sakura lets her hands drop and looks at Katsuyu again, this time with a clearer eyes"

Sakura: - Yes they told me.....and It seems they might want me to become Hokage.....
Katsuyu: - Mhm...I figured as much....You might not be the obvious choice for some, but for Tsunade you were a big hope and she spoke to me once of you becoming Hokage. I know she would like you to take the seat as she believed in you. And because she named you in the legacy the elders must and will take that seriously, even if they didn't look at you in that light before.
Sakura: as Hokage? How could I be such a thing?.....
Katsuyu: - Believe me Sakura, you are capable. Trust in Tsunades judgement.

"Sakura looks down into the ground and ponders this. Then looks up with renewed determination"

Sakura: - Katsuyu..I need to do one more thing before I go to bed.
Katsuyu: - Sakura? What is it?
Sakurra: - I need to see Naruto!
Katsuyu: - He is sleeping now. One part of me is still with him. He is still in the tent were you left him in the care of medical Ninjas. But he is not in the bed.
Sakura: - Not in the bed? Did he move? How is he?
Katsuyu: - He is fine Sakura. He was walking around before...that's how he got to the other bed. He is sleeping at the side of Hinata in a chair.

"Sakura looks a little shocked and Katsuyu see this"

Katsuyu: - He was worried about her, he went to see to her.
Sakura: - ok..

"Sakura see a image of Sasuke in her mind and then Naruto smiling. She stands in though a second then starts to move again"

Sakura: - Katsuyu, I'll see your part at Naruto. You converge with your other parts and get some rest.
Katsuyu: - Ok Sakura...See you at Naruto.

"Sakura walks fast and soon arrives at the side tent at the medical section of tents put up. There is a guard at the entrance of the tent. Sakura recognizes him as Kotetsu Hagane."

Sakura: - Hello Kotetsu.
Kotetsu: - ....zzzzzz
Izumo: - Hey Sakura!

"from the shadows behind the tent Izumo appears waving at Sakura. He walks up to Kotetsu and hits his shoulder.

Izumo: - Wake up dumbnuts!
Kotetsu: - Sakura * yaaawn*

"Sakura smiles a bit tiredly"

Sakura: - Hello. I'm here to see Naruto. Are you patrolling the area?
Izumo: - Yes. And Sleepy head here is guarding Naruto. Did you hear Naruto actually took out that Pain character all by himself? That's amazing! Nobody is going to sneak up on Naruto while he is getting his well deserved rest.

"Izumo looks serious and so does Kotetsu. Sakura smiles again"

Sakura: - Yes, he really is amazing, isn't he? Anyway I have something important to talk to him about. I'm going in, please make sure we are not disturbed.

"Izumo gets a fiery glint in his eye and smiles"

Izumo: - Of course Sakura!

"Sakura looks at him for a second and somewhat regrets her words, then she goes into the tent"
"Inside the tent is 5 beds. Only one is occupied right now. In it lies Hinata. In a chair besides it lies sits/lies Naruto. They are both sleeping. Hinata is smiling and Naruto is more loose, kind of snoring a bit.
Narutos hand is grasped in hinatas on her bed."
"Sakura stops in the door at this sight and blushes a little, her eyes wide. Her eyes goes to the hands grasped together on the bed"

Katsuyu: - Sakura, over here.

"Sakura snaps out of it and looks to the first bed. On it lies a small Katsuyu. Sakura missed her when entering the room and now she walks over to Katsuyu and puts her on one shoulder."

Sakura: - What happened here?
"Sakura blushes again at her own question realizing it is none of her concern. Katsuyu hesitates but then tells Sakura"

Katsuyu: - He walked over to her, took her hand....and they kissed. The talked a little and then Naruto fell asleep. He was exhausted. Hinata soon fell asleep as well. She protected him you see, and she confessed her feelings on the battlefield. he was worried about her.

"Katsuyu looks at Sakura wich seems to be in thought"

Katuyu: - Is this a problem?

"Sakura becomes focused again"

Sakura: -'s just that a lot have happened this day, I'm just tired thats all.
Katsuyu: - Ok. So what do you want to talk to Naruto about?
Sakura: - About the seat of Hokage. I must talk to him before the morning.

"Sakura walks over to Hinatas bed, as she approaches Hinata stirs and opens her eyes"

Hinata: - uummm....*Yawn*...em..Sa...Sakura?

"Hinata wakes and realizes her hand and Narutos together in front of Sakura and does a little nervous "Hinata-panik" and drops Narutos hand. It drops down from the bed and hits him in the side. Hinata makes a small sound as Naruto stirs but does not awaken"

Hinata: - I Naruto...

"Hinata calms down still blushing and smiling a little at some thought. She looks at Sakura with a smile"

Hinata say in a low voice: - Sakura!

"Sakura smiles at the scene"

Sakura: - Hello Hinata. How are you?

"Hinata blushes"

Hinata: - I'm-....better. Thank you for saving me Sakura. I will never forget that.
Sakura: - Yeah...well just be more careful Hinata, you could have died.
Hinata: - Yes....I know....I will...sorry...
Sakura: - Well, just as long as you think about it.

"Sakua smiles and nods at Naruto"

Sakura: - So...what about that clumsy oaf? Is he better?

"Hinata looks at Naruto and blushes"

Hinata: - I think he is ok yes. He is tired though. He has been through a lot.

Sakura: - Yes...he did turn into Kyuubi...I've heard reports that he went over six tails....I must examine him more carefully to see the effects of this. Last time he went four his body took huge damage....

"Hinata looks thoughtful"

Hinata: - I think you should talk to him about this...but he said something about taking control of the tailed beast with some help. must ask him the rest.

"Sakura is pussled by this"

Sakura: - Help? But Yamato was not present......hmm..Well, I'm here to talk to Naruto about something important. And it can't wait. Let's wake him.

"Sakura kneels down besides Naruto and shakes his arm."

Sakura: - Naruto?!

"Naruto stirs again and wakes with a sudden movement forward and accidentally bangs his head into Sakuras"

Naruto: - Auch! What the!? Sakura!

"Naruto looks around the room while holding his head, he storps at Hinata and smiles, she smiles back. He then looks at Sakura wich is also holding her head, he seems wide awake"

Naruto: - Sakura...I'm sorry...what is happening? It's dark outside...Why are you here?

"Sakura removes her hand from her head and stares angry at him"

Sakura: - I'm here to talk to you...and it can't wait! Can you walk Naruto?
Hinata: - Walk?
Sakura: - Yes Hinata, it's a little hard to explain but me and Naruto need to discuss something in private.

"Hinata looks a little confused and so does Naruto"

Naruto: - Ok, whatever it is, let's walk outside...I'm...

"Naruto moves his body to test his limbs"

Naruto: I feel ok. I'm just tired.
Sakura: - Good.

"Sakura helps Naruto up out of the chair"

Naruto: - Thanks.

"Naruto goes out of the tent but turns around and smiles towards Hinata before he leaves. Sakura follows him out. Hinata smiles back but looks a little worried."

"Outside the tent Naruto meets Izumo and Kotetzu. They both greet him happily, he smiles"

Izumo: - Should you be moving around already? You need to rest!
Naruto: - I'll be fine, I have one of Konohas strongest medical ninja with me.

"Naruto nods towards Sakura who comes out of the tent"

"They both start walking away from the tents in silence. After awhile some ways of from the tents Naruto stops."

Naruto: - We are alone now, what is it Sakura. I know it's something important, I can tell just by looking at you.

"Sakura looks at Naruto then down she collects her thoughts and then meet his eyes."

Sakura: - We have a lot to talk about Naruto, and not much time. We both need rest for the events in the morning.

"Naruto nods his head in understanding"

Naruto: - Yes....There is much to do, the village and everything....

"Sakura looks at him and thinks: - He don't know....."

Sakura: First of all, I wan't to are you feeling? I mean..I heard you went into Kyuubi least six tails?? Last time when you had four tails you were badly injured....

"Naruto looks a little tortured by this statement and sad"

Naruto: - Yes......I lost control... but I can't really remember much after own thoughts...inside of my head.....
Sakura: - Inside your head?

"Naruto looks up at her as if measuring her"

Naruto: - see I can talk to the Kyuubi.

Sakura is chocked"

Naruto: - know...inside me, when I close my eyes...I can see him....There is a huge gate sealing him inside of me.

"Naruto looks a bit troubled as it all sounds a bit weird"

Naruto: - I..I have never told anyone about that before....except Jirayaa. He helped me understand it a little.

Game over naruto!
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