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Re: The Anime/Manga Pairings FC

Originally Posted by Amiyb View Post
Thats true but..what about sasuke..well
I totally doubt that the things will be like before after he comes back
which everyone knows that sometimes he WILL comeback
or he at least will see one or all of his teammates..but
kishimoto in an interview..stated that sasuke DOES have feelings
for sakura....and maybe Hinata's confessions made Naruto change his mind
about his feelings for sakura..
I've never seen an article that showed that kishi said that Sasuke had feelings for Sakura, so if you could link that article for me that would be great.

Also even if he did state it the term feelings is a pretty broad subject. You can feel anything for a person, hate, love, friendship, etc. What those feelings are though have yet to be shown as far as Sasukes feelings towards Sakura.
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