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Re: Naruto vs Pain aftermatch predictions and Ideas

Sounds of agreement are heard from some of the villagers present.

Random villager: I knew that boy would mean the end of us one day.

Others shout in agreement.

Sakura: How dare anyone speak of Naruto that way ?? He defeated Pein and saved us.

Danzou: He is the reason we were attacked in the first place.

"Is this about me ?"
A figure stood at the entrance of the building. Soaked clothing and a scroll on his back.

Danzou: speak of the devil.

Sakura: Naruto.

Danzou turns and faces Naruto, the villagers stare at him with eyes filled with anger.

Naruto: If there is something you need to say about me, say it to my face.

Danzou: As you wish. Because of your very presence in the village Akatsuki attacked us. Look around you, all these people here along with the many wounded in the building next door are homeless and lost loved ones because of you. Ever since you were a child you have been nothing but trouble to the village. Pulling pranks, failing in the academy and now you have brought total destruction upon our home, just like the demon locked inside you.

Tsunade: Enough. Naruto didn't choose to have the Kyubi sealed inside of his body. He defeated Shukaku when Orochimaru invaded and helped amend our relationship with the Sand. Our shinobi have acknowledged his strenght and trust him with their lives.

Danzou: Yet so many of them perished today because of this boy. What about the families & friends they left behind? what can you and this boy possibly say to justify the deaths of their loved ones ??

Tsunade: Do not dump the blame on Naruto-

Danzou: You're a fool Princess-Tsunade, you as well as the 3rd who failed to keep this boy on the short leash.

Tsunade: How dare you-

Danzou: And the biggest fool of all was the 4th Hokage, and to think he wanted this boy to viewed as some kind of hero.His actions contributed to what happened today....death was to good for him.

In a second Naruto had him by the throat Dark pigment surrounded his eyes, his pupils displayed a cross pattern.The immensity of his chakra made the air inside the building heavy, the ground beneath his feat began to crack.

The villagers slowly take a few steps back. Danzou looks right into Naruto's eyes.

Naruto: Don't you dare talk about the 4th that way.

Danzou: So you know.

Sakura: ( thinking ) What is he referring to ??

Danzou: Go ahead fox....kill me. Spill even more blood.

Anger filled Naruto as he held Danzou in a vice like grip. He wanted to tear his head off. Suddendly Naruto realized the response his actions were attracting, he looked around. The villagers in the building were backed into the corners, Naruto saw the fear in their eyes.

He calmed down a bit and released Danzou, he takes a few steps back.

Danzou smiles, he has the villagers at the palm of his hands now. He points to Naruto.

Danzou: This is what our shinobi, family and friends died to protect. A beast that only seeks to kill and destroy.You have caused enough damage and pain to all of us Fox. What will you do to ever atone for this sin ?

The room erupts with anger as the villagers began to echo Danzou's sentiments and blamed Naruto for what had happened.

Random villager: ( shouting ) Leave the village demon.

The other villagers shout similar things.

Naruto, with a serious look on his face looks around as faces drenched in anger and fear curse his very existence.

Sakura: Stop it. Naruto defeated Pein, he lost loved ones just like all of you.

Lee: Naruto-kun constantly risks his life for the village, how can you treat him like this ?

Gai, Tenten, Neji, Ino and Kiba along with Tsunade stand firm by Naruto's side as the shouting continues.

Naruto's heart becomes heavy, as guilt begins to slowly creep in. His talk with Nagato once again passes through his mind."Hatred", that word takes nwe meaning as Naruto experiences resentment from the very people he fought to protect.

Tsunade: Naruto is not to blame for this. He had no idea this would happen and when the time came he fought to protect us all.

Danzou: Yet he couldn't stop mass destruction of our village. He was off training some where when he should have been here fighting along side his fellow shinobi.

Tsunade: He was training so he could stronger and protect us you knew where he-

Danzou: Excuses. He was off training while we were being slaughtered.

The shouting intensifies. As insults and accusations flew left and right only one person remained silent, Naruto.

Suddenly he notices another person walking through the entrance. His eyes swollen and red, his armor covered with traces of blood. Yet the simbol for " eat " was still visible.

Naruto: Chouji.

The room fell silent once again, the young man walks towards Naruto. He stops a few feet away.

Naruto notices the somber air around Chouji, something bad had happened.

Ino: Chouji, is everything ok ??

Chouji slowly looks up, his gaze shifts to Naruto.

Chouji: should leave.

Ino and the others were shocked.

Ino: Chouji, what are saying ??

Chouji: My father passed away a few minutes ago.

The mood changes as everyone listens.

Chouji: The med nin did everything they could, but his injuries were too severe.

Ino starts to approach him but he halts her at arm's lenght.

Chouji: Naruto, i've know you for a long time. I wish i didn't feel this way, but because of you my father is dead.

Naruto lowers his head.

Naruto: Im sorry for your loss.

Chouji: Sorry won't bring my father back.

Ino: Chouji...

Chouji: If you really want to do something beneficial to the villagers and me, you'll leave this place.

Sounds of agreement are heard amongst the villagers.
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