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Re: Naruto vs Pain aftermatch predictions and Ideas

Originally Posted by Dagoro View Post
He said while brushing off the dirt from his clothing.

Sakura: Why are you leaving ?? Are you going to abandon us because of what that old fart Danzou pulled ??

Naruto faces her.

Naruto: Im sorry Sakura, but they were right. If i stay here Aka will attack again. I can put the village through something like this again.

Sakura: Thats not good enough. You're strong, if other enemies come you can fight them. I'll help you, our friends will fight alond side with you. Please don't leave just because of that.

Naruto: Its not that simple.

Sakura: What do you mean ??

Naruto: My fight with Pein opened my eyes to a lot of things. I have questions, and i must search for the answers some where else.

Sakura: What questions ?? what could that monster have possibly taught you ??

Naruto: My perceptions regarding Konoha and myself have changed. I can't live life was i have till now, going on missions ready to harm others for the sake of beaurocracy. The ninja way is corrupted. If i trully want to change the world ill need to find the answers to my questions.

Sakura: I don't understand.

Naruto: I didn't expect you to. Sorry Sakura, my mind is made up. Im leaving. I'll get Akatsuki to chase me and leave the village alone some how.

Sakura: You can't be alone, if they find you something could happen. There would be no one to help you if something goes wrong. I won't be there to help you if you get hurt.

Naruto: Its ok Sakura, as long as everyone is out of harms way i'll be happy.

Sakura: Ill come with you-

Naruto: No. The village needs all the able ninja they can get. You would slow me down.

Sakura: How can you say that to me ?

Naruto turns and begins to walk away from Sakura.

She stands there for a moment, her hands tremble.

Sakura: Sasuke left the village through this very gate years ago. I won't let you do the same thing.

Sakura charges towards Naruto, she tightens her fist so much her bones make a cracking noise. She jumps, before Naruto can completely turn around she lands a blow to the side of his head.

The impact breaks the ground, Naruto lies on the ground, blood running from the corner of his mouth. He is unconscious.

Sakura approaches him.

Sakura: Im sorry Naruto, this was the only way i could think of to keep you from leaving.

As she stands over him she notices something weird, there is a small smile on his face. As she reached for his body it suddenly disappeared. Nothing but a small puff of smoke left.

Sakura realizing what happened dropped to her knees. Tears began flowing down her face, yet a small smile graced her lips.

Sakura: Kage Bushin no jutsu....No.....

She knew she had failed. She gets up and takes off running, as she runs she looks at building in which Tsunade is sleeping in the distance.

Sakura: ( thinking ) He can't have gotten that far. We can still find him, i need to get help.

* Scene shifts to a remote road outside of the village *

The night is quite. Cold air feels his lungs as he walks through the night. He suddenly feels his tech being dispelled as the Kage bushin he left behind a few miles back in Konoha seizes to exist. The knowledge that clone gained enters his mind.

He wants to look back but doesn't, a new road now stands before him. " Good Bye " Sakura, he said in a low whisper.
pls continue that was damn interesting bro,i loved it.
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