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Who died in the pain arc! Confirmed Kakashi is dead!

Sorry guys, it was been said by kakashi once someone loses all there chakara they die! Naruto can feel chakara and asks especialy for kakashi.
He used his MS to save choji, wehn choji goes to tsunde he reports back and finds out his father is alive and well however he asks about Kakashi!
Naruto realizes he is dead and a couple chapters ago when he got hit by to chakara rod he saw two dead bodies kakashi and jiraya.... shizuno is dead as well This Confirms it but one of pains bodies the mind reader ripped her soul away!
pa is dead who cares he is a frog. Tsunde might die shortiy after this arc. Last time she used this ability it added 10 years to her 57 year old body, Given it didn't affect her non aging justsu. Using it agian her body is now 77 years old and she is looking like this.

She will probably die of old age in the up coming arc A lot of people died in this part of the hidden leaf village!

I throughily read this arc so far if you don't see a name up here cause there alive still!

Dead people are Kakashi, Shizuno, and pa frog. With a possible tsunde killing herself do to pains actions!
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