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Re: Who died in the pain arc!

Originally Posted by WTF?? View Post
Tsunade needs to name a successor before she dies. Thats all I care about.

Kakashi shouldn't have been such an idiot and saved Choji over himself. And considering the fact that Kakashi is dead, Im absolutely livid that a useless piece of fatass trash like Choza is alive.

Tsunade had names a successor though she told the elders striaght up before this arc even happened naruto will be allowed to do as he pleases becuase he is the next hokage!

If you think about it gara is the kazikage. The age does not matter when it comes to a kage its the level of power they hold and there maturity to social affiars. Naruto could learn those by shikumaru easily, even sakura. For fucks sake sakura could be his advisor if you think abotu ever hokage has had one!

So the tsunde issue is a fan issue not one when it comes to the epicness of the manga she could easily pass and add to the drama this arc has insued in many of us.

>.> Scratch that Ino shouldn't have died she should admit how much she loves sakura and be like ya hidden leaf is like all gone and sasuke is gone uh... Lets uh... go over here and make out for a bit please ^-^
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