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Re: Naruto vs Pein performance

in normal naruto fights,he is always getting pawned and then he get back up,the never give up attitude,
and when sasuke was so powerful he took on team 7 nearly killing naruto,i was like fuck men,sasuke is on another league.
but in this fight naruto was on equal terms and all for the first time.
i was really glad,
he used his brains alot although some ignorant emos would says little strategy,
and when sasuke was raped by kb swords they still say sasuke was super strategizing.
i dont see why anyone should hate naruto i mean look at his background,he was dumb,everybody hated him for what was not his fault,,he wasn't talented but was giving a power,i mean for the loneliness it caused him,i think he has the full right to call kyubi his power.
but i dint dislike sasuke at all and i dont still but,
y would you want to kill your teammate,who has giving up everything to look for you,
now he wants to destroy konoha,
i pray he comes when naruto has rested,so naruto can pawn the shit out of him.
i liked him alot better in the film,at least he showed he stilll has feeling for naruto.
well for my joy of seeing naruto that smart and strong,to be facing the second strongest shinobi in narutoverse on equal terms, ill give him 9/10.
so kyf let me ask you a question,what would you rate sasuke vs kb

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