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Re: Naruto vs Pain aftermatch predictions and Ideas

Had some ideas so i decided to write some more.
This prediction picks up where my previous one leaves off.

This prediction is very improbable but a good read non-to-less.
But keep an open mind as you read. Oh, and its long lol.



Shima: Jiraya-chan, your arm...

Jiraya: Don't worry about it.


Jiraya: How can there be six people with the Rinegan ??

* Stabbing SFX *

Jiraya: My throat...

Fukasaku: Jiraya-chan !!


Ero-Sennin !!!!!

He screamed as he woke up violently. He wiped the cold sweat of his forehead with his hands as he gathered his bearings.

It was a morning like any other in those lands. It rained often so the air was humid and unpleasant to breath. He sat up and looked around a bit before picking up his belongings. He slept outdoors again that night, shelters
were scarce around those parts.

After he finished packing he pulls out a map, spreads it on the ground and kneels down to look at it.

* According to this im only a few miles from the Hidden rain village, i should arrive there by noon. * He thought.

He rolled up the map and placed it back in his bag. He was tired, hungry and on top of that the spot where he had stabbed himself during his previous battle was stinging though it had healed completely.

*That was the third time i've had that nightmare* He thought as he kept walking. He tried not to think about it much, for he had a mission to accomplish. The sun was out for the first time in over a day as the rain finally let up. The sunlight brought warmth to his skin, he allowed himself to smile a bit as he kept walking.

*Scene shifts to Konoha*

* It has been 3 days since he left* Thought Tsunade as she walked to a big medical tent set up in the lower portion of Konoha.

The Sand had arrived and brought with them large supplies of food, medicine not to mention tents which were a welcome relief to the crowded buildings they were using.

The morning air was cool, as a result several camp fires were set up around the tents and many villager gathered around them as they occupied themselves with iddle chatter. As Tsunade walked by she was greeted with piercing looks from many people, she had heard the gossip and comments about her which surfaced after the Danzou incident. She ignored them and kept walking, she entered the tent.

The Medical tent was quite impressive. It had several rooms, properly divided to allow the patients some privacy. She made her way to the the very rear of the tent where the bigger rooms which were used for storage as well as an office for the person in charge. As she enters the room which functions as an office, several eyes turn to her direction.

* Any word * The man wearing a mask which covered most of his face asked.

Tsunade: None yet. We have several teams trying to find clues so we can track him down, but so far nothing. How are you feeling Kakashi ??

Kakashi: Better, still sore all over but nothing to worry about.

* Given the circumstances he could be anywhere.* Said the young man. He had red hair and a tatoo on his forehead. The dark rings around his eyes were no longer present.

Gaara: He made sure someone saw him before he left so he could throw off any indications of where he was heading.

*He was always a prankster* Said Gai who was sitting in the corner with his arms crossed.

Kakashi: We can only hope one of the tracking teams succeds. Tsunade-sama, any word on Danzou ??

Tsunade: He hasn't done anything significant since that night. ( she crossed her arms tightly as frustation colors her face ) That bastard got exactly what he wanted with his little show.

Kakashi: Don't worry, you have our support.

Tsunade: But the rumors going around-

Kakashi: Don't let it get to you. You saved many lives that day, people around here are just stressed due to out current situation. Give a few days and things will cool down.

Tsunade relaxes a bit after hearing Kakashi speak, his aloof demeanor had a calming effect to those around him.

She walked towards the small windows placed at the back wall of the room, she looked outside as villagers and ninja were out and about.

* Things would be easier if Naruto was here...he has a way with people * She thought.

________________________________________ ________________________________________ _______________-

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