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Re: Naruto vs Pain aftermatch predictions and Ideas

* Scene shifts to the southern gate check point *

The weather had become rather warm after the rain fall stopped. The a ninja watched the area surrounding the South gate. Suddenly he spotted figures in the distance coming towards the gate. He got up and moved to the front of the area.

Several men wearing guard uniforms approached the gate. They were halted by the ninja.

As he approached them he noticed something, suddenly his face displayed a look of total confusion.

Check point ninja: You...( he pointed at one of the men )

The man he pointed to was tall, had pale skin and a scar on the left side of his face near his eye.

Check point ninja: You came by here today already....

Southern outpost guard: You saw him ??

Check point ninja: Whats going on here ??

One of the man stepped fowards and handed the ninja his ID papers.

Southern outpost guard 2: We're guards from the Souther outpost. we found him tied up and hidden in the woods surrounding our station.

Southern outpost guard: I was attacked out of no where. The guy was too fast, i barely got a look a him. He was definetely a ninja.

The check point ninja signaled the others to come over and hear the conversation. They gathered around him and the other men.

Check point ninja: What did you see ?? was he wearing a headband ??

Southern outpost guard: No, all i could see before i blacked out was blond hair.

Check point ninja: Spread the word, tell the ninja inside the village to start looking for a man who looks just like this guy here. Hes wearing a guard uniform. Go, now.

The ninja scattered.

________________________________________ ______________

* scene shifts to inside the village *
The outpost guard searched as he walked around the village.

*I have to get to higher ground * he thought.

As he kept walking he noticed a remote alley way, he turned and walked down until he hit a dead end. The place was secluded enough.

In a single leap he wen't from the ground to the roof top of the building next to the alley way.

as he looked around he found what he was searching for. a group of towers in the west part of the village hidden in the rain. He wanted to jump from roof top to roof top, but that would would attract unnecessary attention. He had to walk.

He dropped from the roof top to the ground and left the alley way. as he walked down the street a few feet a shuriken struck the floor inches away from him.

He turned slowly, 3 ninja were standing a few meters away.

Rain nin: We know you're not who you said you were at the check point.

They each drew kunai and took battle stance.

Rain nin: Turn yourself in and we might spare your life.

The outpost guard knew his charade was over, but he could not afford to fight or get caught. He turned and took off running.

Rain nin: I guess we gotta do this the hard way.

The rain ninja spring into action and take off running after the outpost guard.

As the chase continues throught several streets, more rain nin joined the chase. Some threw kunai from the roof tops but the outpost guard dodged them all.

Outpost guard: Shit.

He said, after looking over his shoulder and seeing several rain nin running after him.

He reached into his pocket and took out a smoke bomb. He planted it on the ground, the area became filled with smoke.

Outpost guard: Kage bushin no jutsu.

The Rain nin stopped in their tracks as several copies of the outpost guard scattered into many different directions.

Rain nin: Kage bushin ? Shit, split up and go after them.

The rain nin separated into 2 man groups and continued their persuit.

The smoke cleared after a few moments. A small dog was sitting at the middle of the street. It had white fur, and black ears. The dog looked around, than began walking away.

________________________________________ _______________

It was well into the afternoon.

Near the West towers the traffic was non existent. A few fences barred the entrance to the are where the towers were.

A small dog approached the area. It sniffed around as it looked for a place to rest, preferably one that was out of sight.

It found a small area behind what it appeared to be a small storage shed. The area was facing the city walls and had a small faucet sticking out of the back wall.

The sun casted a shadow at the massive walls behind the shed, as the dog arrived at the back its silhouette was visible on it. The dog shadow upon the wall tranformed suddenly into that of a man.

* Thank you Kiba and Akamu * The man thought as he sat against the back wall of the small storage shed.

His eyes felt heavy, he was exhausted. He tried to stay awake but he had reached his limit. He slips into unconsciousness.

Dusk falls.

________________________________________ ______________
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