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Re: Naruto vs Pain aftermatch predictions and Ideas

I wasn't paying this forum any mind lately. lol This being a prediction thread hm.

I have a cool prediction. What if this happens:

After the battle with Pain Naruto is very exhausted and is being treated by Hinata :P.

The beginning of a new Konoha

Scenery: Konoha is under reconstruction as Naruto is in a hospital being taken care of by Medical ninja

Naruto: It seems i have to train with the fox now in order to stop that guy in the mask we encountered in the woods Yamato.

Yamato: What? Why?

Naruto: The fourth appeared in my mind when i was about to unleash the 9th tail. He stopped me and told me what happened 16 years ago.

Yamato: The demon fox attacked the village and he defeated it. Right?

Naruto: The man with the mask. He was behind it. I couldn't lay a finger on him. He saw through everything the 4th did.

Yamato: *Thinking it can't be Uchiha Madara.* Looks frightened.

Naruto: Yamato are you alright?

Yamato: Yes. I'm fine Naruto. Right now i have a special assignment for you.

Naruto: ?

Yamato: Before you venture off to fight the Akatsuki again, you will need to learn a second element.

Naruto: Jackpot!

Yamato: Rest up. I'm proud of you.

-- The Next Day --

The trio from the cloud village arrives

Omoi: What the fuck happened to this place?

Samui: Akatsuki probably has came here for their Jinchuuriki too.

Kamui: Lets search for the hokage.

Konoha Ninja: STOP! *He Halts the cloud trio*

Omoi: Look we came to give the hokage this letter from the raikage.

Konoha: Okay. Come with me.

-- Scene switch to Tsuande --

Her office has been repaired. Tsuande and Shikamaru is having a conference about Akatsuki and Naruto.

Someone knocks on the door

Tsuande: Come in!

Sakura: Sensei. Three shinobi from the hidden cloud has come to speak with you.

Tsuande: Let them in.

Omoi hands Tsuande the letter from the Raikage.

Tsuande reads:

Konoha. If you do not eliminate Sasuke Uchiha. We will. Because it seems that your shinobi is working with Akatsuki and our second Jinchuuriki has been captured by him according to our sources. The 8 tails is now in Akatsuki hands and i am calling a summit for all 5 kages to put an end to Akatsuki.

- Raikage

Tsuande: WHAT THE?! Sasuke joined the Akatsuki?!

Sakura: Tch! *Lowers her head*

Tsuande: Sasuke has become a problem. *Thinking: Killerbee is a very powerful shinobi that Orochimaru and Danzou once feared.*

Shikamaru: I've seen this coming. What a drag. :\

Tsuande stands up.

Tsuande: Thanks for letting us know guys.

Omoi: Let's go! *the cloud trio leaves*

Tsuande: Sakura. By the hidden village of konoha you are now a jounin and my new assistant. Shikamaru you are too a jounin and a sealing specialist now.

Sakura and Shikamaru: Eyes widen. A promotion.

Tsuande: I'm going to see Naruto right now.

-- Scene switch to the hospital --

Naruto: zzzZZzzz Ramen...

Tsuande: Opens the door.

Naruto: Wah?!

Tsuande: Naruto Uzumaki. Hereby the village of Konoha. You are now a special Jounin and our new hero.

Naruto: IM A JOUNIN? *Cries*

Tsuande: When you fully recover. Come and see me i have a special mission for you. Now get some rest. Oh and by the way i'm going to replace your clothes with jounin gear.

Naruto: Sweet! *Falls back asleep*

Tsuande: Still exhausted. *She leaves* Thinking: "If i tell him about Sasuke, that would lure him into deeper trouble. I have a feeling Madara is alive and before he face him. He must know how to control the fox."

--end of prediction.
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