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Yamato: *Thinking it can't be Uchiha Madara.* Looks frightened.

You're overeestimating alot with these Madara conclusion, remember only a few people actually know Madara is still around, so i don't think Yamato would actually jump to this conclusion

Yamato: Before you venture off to fight the Akatsuki again, you will need to learn a second element.

Even i would love for this to be the case but very very unlikey especially considering the way kishi writes (it takes Naruto quite a few Arcs to develop anything new with all those fucking fillers and wot not, plus he just learned Wind and Sage, so Wood/Earth is a definite no no, but it would be cool if Yamato past down his Wood Element) (if he could)

Omoi: What the fuck happened to this place?

Samui: Akatsuki probably has came here for their Jinchuuriki too.

Kamui: Lets search for the hokage.

Konoha Ninja: STOP! *He Halts the cloud trio*

Omoi: Look we came to give the hokage this letter from the raikage.

Konoha: Okay. Come with me.

Very well done on this!!! No one has mention this yet but this scene has a very high chance of taking place in the manga.

Tsuande: Sakura. By the hidden village of konoha you are now a jounin and my new assistant. Shikamaru you are too a jounin and a sealing specialist now.

Promotion, Promotion, i mean why not especially considering there are loads of dead Jounin's around why not refill the container

Tsuande: Naruto Uzumaki. Hereby the village of Konoha. You are now a special Jounin and our new hero.

I actually flinched, when i read that, did anyone ever wonder why naruto has never been promoted yet, it's because he is a Junchuuriki, plain and simple. Promoting would have just cause him to attract more attention to himself and since that didn't work well we might see him being promoted, as for to Jounin little chance because (Leadership Skills) , Chunin is a definite, that if he get that promotion. But Kishi is probably gonna do a Gaara

Tsuande: Still exhausted. *She leaves* Thinking: "If i tell him about Sasuke, that would lure him into deeper trouble. I have a feeling Madara is alive and before he face him. He must know how to control the fox."

BANG SPOT ON!!!!, and again the Madara thing how many people actually knows as of this point (those Naruto himself actually know??? Did his Dad give a name

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