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Re: bleach manga is the worst manga ever

Well a reason would be appreciated, because I can go, "Shit is bad, the threas says it all."

Surely the Manga has entered an "Only Fight Period" then the prota gets owned but rises up with a secret jutsu like "Ice Substitution from Hitsugaya" and "Check, this is my Evil Pokemon Power" then transforms into an, in most cases, awesome form. Ya know, its like things in life, U get a job ure Happy, then it becomes redundant and all an predictable, when all of a sudden something awesome comes up (Fair Raise) then you're "Oh Yea!" and the process repeats itself. But personnaly, I say theres like an excuse for the prota to not die everytime we think they die, but maybe the readers are attached to them and all, and itll be sad, so they come back Bad Ass.
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