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Re: Databook 3

Originally Posted by Shrike View Post
Continued on the next page.
Ok i strongly , very strongly disagree.
If there was a button "Strongly Disagree" on that post, I would press it more than 1 million times.
Well first of all, no matter how you put it, Sasuke is not "better" than Naruto nor Stronger...
On that list, its strongest to weakest, so its totally messed up, Itachi Is SOOO not first.
Jiraiya, is first, then Naruto, then Itachi.
In the anime, the regular, when Jiraiya took Naruto to look for Tsunade and learn Rasengan , Itachi and Kisame were talkin bout Attacking Jiraiya, Kisame wanted to, because its 2 against 1, at the moment Naruto didnt stand a chance against them...
But then...Itachi said to Kisame, No matter how you have it, It will end as a tie.
Even if Kisame + Itachi fought Jiraiya, it would be tie.
Jiraiya is that strong. And Jiraiya is stronger than Orochimaru.
Although Sasuke + Gaara + Neji being above Naruto?
I seriously disagree on that, from what i remember, Naruto owned Neji in a tournement, and owned Gaara when Gaara was even using Shukaku.
Being in Shippuden doesnt change a single thing.
Naruto became so much stronger...
Sasuke won in the End Valley, because Naruto didnt hit him, he scratched his headband, if he hit him, Sasuke would die, and added on to that, in that match, Naruto didnt summon Gamobunta, and.. Naruto only used 1 tail...And he could have at least used another and Sasuke would be dead.
Especially, in shippuden, where Naruto got to 4 tails, and in manga 6 tails....
Sasuke doenst stand a chance against 3 tails even...
Jiraiya almost got killed from 4 tails.
Anyway, my point is Naruto can own everyone on that list, one way or another, so i just dont like seeing my favorite character + main character + strongest character, almost in the middle of the strong-weak list >.>
Thanks for reading ^_^ I hope you understood.
Naruto AND Bleach all the way!!

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