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Re: Naruto vs Pain aftermatch predictions and Ideas

I'm jumping in because everybody's doing it! Sliverblade's prediction kind of goes what I was thinking a little.

Another Specialist Prediction

(Naruto leaves the origami tree, I'll spare the details. He then hops from branch to branch. He is severly tired from using up all his chakra. He slips and falls unto the forest floor.)

"I pushed a little too hard. I haven't given my body enough time to rest after going into Fox Mode. Toppled with the Rasen Shurikens, I was kind of wreckless," smiled Naruto. (He passes out)

Switch Scene to Neji and Gai:

"He is very tired, hurry up guys," said Katsuyu. "Neji, do we need to speed things up," asked Gai. "No need, he's right here," said Neji. (They land next to Naruto. The mini Katsuyu fuses with the other Katsuyu tagging along with them.)

"He exausted his chakra supply. His battle with Pain took a heavy tole on his stamina. But with a little rest, he'll be fine. No major physical damage due to the Kyuubi healing his wounds," said Katsuyu.

"Uzumaki Naruto ehh. What a kid, Jiraiya and Kakashi would be proud," said Gai. "He shouldn't have overdone it, he knows he has people like us," said Neji. "Nahh. It was just one of those things he had to do a lone ya know? You'll understand someday. Besides, given the circumstances, I'm sure we wouldn't of been much help anyway," said Gai.

"I suppose. Let's get him out of here so he can recover appropriately," said Neji. (Neji and Gai carry Naruto away)

Switch Scene to Konoha:

(Construction has already gone underway)

"Hey, have you heard? Naruto saved the village from the Akatuski Leader," said townsman. "Yeah, but he's been in the hospital for several days," said another townsman.

"I sure hope he's okay, I heard Kakashi was in a coma and might not ever awake again. I hope the kid is not in that kind of shape," said townsman.

(Konohamaru walks by)

"He'll be fine. This is Naruto we're talking about, the savior of the village, and the next Hokage," said Konohamaru.

(Switch Scene to Naruto's room. He slightly opens his eyes, he automatically sees Hinata in his face and later the whole gang, which includes the original rookies, Tsunade, Yammato, and whoever is closely tied with Naruto)

"Hinata, Sakura, granny, Yammato, and everyone," said Naruto. "So how've you been Naruto," asked Shikamaru. "Well the last thing I remember," said Naruto before he is cut off. "Don't ask answer such foolish things. You're okay, that's all that matters," said Tsunade.

"You should thank Hinata, she's been here waiting for your eyes to open for days. She got us all here once your eyes opened up," said Sakura in a calm tone.

(Hinata blushes)

"Ohh, umm, that's quite alright," said Hinata. "Hinata," said Naruto. (Naruto and Hinata gazes at each other. Their faces draw near as everyone look on intensely. All of a sudden Kiba drops his hand on Naruto's hand. Hinata falls backwards and Naruto looks at him.)

"So, how about we train a little. I need to know what you used to stop the guy who blew this village to nothing," smiled Kiba. (Naruto looks slightly annoyed at Kiba for ruining the moment)

"Alright everyone besides Team 7 please take their leave," said Tsunade. (Everyone says their farewells and get betters to Naruto before parting)

"If you needs anymore training, it'll probably come from me. It seems you've been relying on the Kyuubi more and more. I can't fault you though. You were trained by Jiraiya to be this way. So I have to step up to the plate. Once you've recovered I'm going to train you to master the Kyuubi's chakra, so you won't be putting your allies in danger when you use it you stuborn child," laughed Yammato.

"That's right, we are still tracking the Akatuski," said Sakura. "Where's Sai," asked Naruto. "He, Anko, and several other special squads are tracking down Kabuto, don't worry about him, he has Anbu backing him," said Yammato.

"Before we discuss anything related to Akatuski. We've recently recieved word from messengers from the Lightning village while you were resting," said Tsunade.

(Flash back of Team Samui handing Tsunade a slip.)

"Apparently Naruto, there is to be a meeting with the Five Kages in regards to Akatuski," said Yammato.

"So are the five great nations going to come to an agreement to form an alliance and destroy Akatuski," asked Sakura.

"That's what it looks like. But, that's the least of our worries. (Naruto looks serious) Based on what Raikage told us, Sasuke was reported to have been wearing an Akatuski robe and was responsible for capturing Raikage's brother, a Jinchuuriki," said Tsunade.

"What. Sasuke what have you gotten yourself into? Perhaps he was right about you," said Naruto. (Naruto thinks about what Itachi said about weighing the village over Sasuke's life.)

"Naruto, I know its hard. I couldn't believe it at first, but he's our enemy now," said Sakura. "We could let this go, or go along with it. Either way, Konoha has a mission to destroy Akatuski. If we wanted we could directly ally ourselves with the Cloud, given that we are short of men at the moment," said Yammato.

"Shikamaru is going in as my replacement for the Kage summit. I've already filled him in. I need time to restructure our military. And there is another problem we have to deal with (she envisions Danzou)," said Tsunade.

"Naruto you will begin your training in three days. That should give you enough time to think about things. But always remember this. Sasuke is a missing-nin and in support of a S-class criminalized organization. Our top priority is assassination on sight," said Yammato.

"Your trainning is based on what Raikage explained. Sasuke and his team defeated a fully transformed host. That's why you are getting this training," said Tsunade. "So you think he stumbled upon another source of power," asked Naruto.

"Most certainly, and if I know what Kakashi told me about the sharingan, then we need to be extremely cautious. I've worked with Kakashi for a long time, so I'll tell you everything about the Mangekyou," said Yammato.

"Mangekyou," said Naruto in a confused manner.

Switch Scene to Akatuski headquarters:

"The fighting outside seemed to have died down a bit. I guess its time for me to tell Sasuke about Konoha's condition. Also I think Akatuski needs a new leader," smiled Madara.

Next Chapter: Assemble!
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