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Re: Miburo and LN

I removed Miburo and LonelyNinja because of their conduct. As moderators, they need to uphold to a higher standard than what they showed. Obviously publicly bashing the head administrator of the forums is something that cannot be tolerated. I don't know why they would even do that, honestly it was pretty stupid. I do not expect for them to return as moderators. I accidentally deleted their accounts when I was just trying to remove them as moderators. So if they want their usernames back, they can send me an email and I'll give it back to them.
I agree, especially for the minors like me

I will still be around if I want to be. Me and Adam are friends and I will pretty much just act as a correspondent. I won't just be removed as an admin and stuff on the 15th. I will probably be kept as an admin as long as this forum is around.
good to hear it....olryt!

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