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Re: espada aspects of death

Yeah! the espadas theme of death really the highest point on tht chapter, im gonna tint that page.

I thought i already heard Nihilism before but I had to check the dictionary to figured out what nihilism means. It means :

*belief that nothing is worthwhile: a belief that life is pointless and human values are worthless
*disbelief in objective truth: the belief that there is no objective basis for truth

sounds pretty much like ulquiorra.

the meaning "total and absolute destructiveness" came from "Nihilism movement" a Russian political movement in late 19th-century Russia that sought to bring about a socially just new society by destroying the existing one, they belief in destruction of authority/ belief that all established authority is corrupt and must be destroyed in order to rebuild a just society.

But still, Stark "loneliness"?? he gt Lilinette, i dont think he's lonely :S
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