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Re: Aliens! believe them or not

Originally Posted by Nagato View Post
i believe in them, ive seen a ufo with my own eyes in the air above my apartment complex, also theres proof on google maps...ill get the address up for you guys in a few

Interesting, hahaha.

No, but really aliens could exist. If you think about it, a "life" sustaining planet doesn't have to be ideal for humans, it could be non-biological life. Maybe like computers. Protein folding and Amino Acids actually have a lower chance of forming life in a billion years than a silicone computer. There are actually planets within our galaxy that could support biological life. Do we have the tools to check that? I we consider ourselves to be the most intelligent lifeforms in the Universe, and yet we haven't even landed men on Mars, only probes. I think that if Aliens are visiting US, they'd be more intelligent (if they are actually biological lifeforms) in order to overcome the technical hurdles of space travel. There are also a lot of hobby people that make UFO-ish devices, which could be mistaken. My guess is that a lot of the UFO stuff you hear about is fake, but has anybody ever actually SEEN an alien? If you just see a UFO, its...a UFO, not necessarily an alien.

In order to go out and find these aliens, there would have to be a couple of scenarios:

1. We find a way to bend space time much like a boat in water (compressing space time in front of the spacecraft and expanding it in back) in order to bypass a natural light speed barrier, which is more than likely a good 5 years away or more.

2. We make a wormhole that does not distort matter in the process.

3. We find a way to convert matter into data, destroy it, and send the data at lightspeed through a wormhole or some other type of method, then reconstruct the matter on the "other side".

4. Use quantum entanglement to replicate an object somewhere else in space time, capturing feeds from it, and then getting that data BACK. This method is creepy.

5. If we want to colonize space, we would either have to build a big bubble or transcend our biological parts such that they could withstand the space environment. At the point this happens, we are more likely to have advanced as a species such that all of the data that makes up a human can be replicated inside computers, and we could maintain conscience while in a different form. This version of virtulization does not use quantum entanglement, so there would be some arguments weather a perfect "clone"(a person reconstructed atom by atom, like copying files on a hard drive as opposed to a shortcut) would be considered the same individual.

So far the most we can do really is just high altitude flight(within our orbit).

So Aliens visiting us is much more probable at this time.
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