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Re: Naruto 448 Spoiler/ Prediction Discussion

ok, here is my prediction:

Naruto promises he won't kill Nagato.
Nagato: "So this is your answer? You think you can change the world just by holding to a dream? You think you could kill me? You can't kill me, I am a god that will change the world! Your answer is not good enough, I am taking you with me!"
Naruto becomes enraged: "You still don't understand!"
Then Nagato will start using his rinnegan powers, probably shinra tensei and Konan might help. More Konoha shinobis come to the scene.
Nagato:"This is no good. I used too much chakra, Konan we have to leave!"
Konan will fill the place with papers to create a smoke screen, after that they will use reverse summoning to escape.
Nagato:"My first defeat! The six paths have been defeated!"
Konan:"Nagato don't strain yourself. We need to take a break."
Nagato:"We have to hide for now, but once I recover we will deal with some people."
The great off panel war has begun...also called the war of one panel because most fights started and ended in one panel.

Also Kin and Gin as substitute for kyuubi chakra (the greatest amount of chakra in Naruto world) is something Kishi pulled out of his ass. I lost major respect. It would be like near the end of LOTR there happens to be another slightly weaker ring and Sauron is like "that will do". It kind of shits on everything established up to that point. It kind of insults my intelligence.
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